Ease into Whaaaa?

Well hello there!! I’m here to tell you that I just completed 2.74 miles in 38 minutes – and I’m never running on a treadmill again! I swear, there’s no way I would have been able to go as far and as fast as I did if I had been inside. Plus it smells in there. Granted I haven’t bought any cold outside running garb yet, but I managed. Once I started running I was good to go anyway.

The couch to 5k app changed its name to ease into 5k? I guess we were not being motivated enough by “couch” so we need to “ease”. Whatevs. I didn’t repeat week six, day two because it was different. I moved on to week six, day three which was warm up, jog 15, walk 3, jog 10, cool down. The only break I had to take was about 30 seconds before the 3 minute walk and it was only because I had a wicked stitch in my side. Lame. I don’t know how I feel about the new program. From what I’ve gleaned, it’s now only eight weeks instead of nine, and your first 20 minute run isn’t until week six instead of five. They’ve also added little lines on the page that I guess are supposed to be motivational? I just thought they were kind of cheesy.



But I guess that means I only have two weeks left instead of three. Yikes. In two weeks I’ll need to run a 5k? Crazy.

Now I’m going to hop in the shower and go get FAJITAS!! HOLLER!


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