It Wasn’t All Bad


As I lay in bed this morning, I’m reflecting on 2011. Not so much out of nostalgia or self fulfillment, but because everyone keeps bitching about how much it sucked. I realize our nation is in pretty bad shape, what with the economy and budget being a mess. And seriously, if Mitt Romney is anywhere near the White House I don’t even want to know what is going to happen. A special Jack Bauer terrorist dispatching task force? Oh lawd. But anyway, I digress.

I seem to have contracted whatever nasty sinus illness Joel just got over, so while I lay here, not tired enough to sleep but too lazy to do anything else, I’ll recap why 2011 didn’t suck that much for me.

Let’s start at the beginning. I was finishing up my prerequisite courses for my nursing program and rounded them out with a solid 4.0. I got into Phi Theta Kappa, an international honors fraternity for two year schools. I got into the nursing program that I applied to, after almost having a nervous breakdown, but hey, it’s all in the game. I had a good summer, got to go on vacation with Joel and his family. Spent about a week on the beach in South Carolina, which was awesome. I started my nursing program and finished out the semester not with a 4.0, but solidly on the Dean’s List, which I’ve never done. I was also accepted into Golden Key, another international honor society. I started and finished all published Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter books. I avoided major illnesses, car troubles, and was able to pay all of my bills on time. Well, one time my car insurance was late but it was only because I accidentally forgot about it…

So yeah. I definitely consider myself lucky. I’m in relatively good health, no one close to me died this year, and I have a job. These are all great things that I am very thankful for.

Sure I gained the weight back that I lost and I feel like a slob, but that’s why I’m being proactive and participating in this challenge. P. S. if you log into Beachbody’s SuperGym, you can pick your program and they lay out a schedule for you right there on your calendar. It’s pretty cool. That way if you’re completely tied to your phone and the internet the way I am, you’re never without your schedule and workout buddies. Word.

I don’t know what 2012 holds, but I have to figure that nothing can be as bad as 2010 (The Year Everyone Died), and I know I’ll make it through. Plus I got a brand new planner and calendar set, which I love, so I’m pretty sure I’m good to go. If worse comes to worse (is it worst? I don’t know), at least I know I’ll be done with school and hopefully have a job lined up this time next year. And barring any unforeseen catastrophes, I’ll still have my amazing family and friends to spend time with. So really, I can’t go wrong.


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