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I stopped at Walmart to get kitty litter today and took a look at some of the Danskin Now workout clothes. I loved Danskin stuff when I used to dance so I was hoping I could find something useful. Did I ever! I found some of those racer back tank tops that have a built in bra and they’re great. I know, where have I been? These have been around forever. But in the past I’ve only found ones with skinny straps that dig in or they’re too low cut, etc. These are none of those things! I even wore it today while I did my Stretch 40 Turbo Fire workout. It was awesome. It’s comfy, it wicks, and it’s hot freaking pink. There are other colors, natch, but I went with hot pink (not pictured) for my first one.

Needless to say I will be buying more of these, but for me they’re only useful for a low impact workout. If I were to go for a run I would need to add another supportive layer (which I’m still on the quest to find the perfect supportive jumping layer). So, for toning, yoga, or core workouts, this is excellent. Now I can take my own advice and wear “no need to adjust” yoga clothes! Huzzah!


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