Are You Kidding Me?


So I woke up this morning, as I have the past few mornings, with a twinge in my left lower back, right above my hip (or iliac crest, if you will). As the day wore on, my pain intensified and I was reduced to a lump on the floor since the angle of the recline on the couch was making things worse. All I wanted to do was finish the third Hunger Games book. Is that so much to ask?

I have some muscle relaxers, so I took one of those, but I’m still hurting. Once I find a position that feels okay I’m good, but if I need to move around I’m miserable. This isn’t a muscle spasm, those are the worst. I guess it’s just a strain. The last time this happened I thought I had figured out that it had to do with my weak core and loose form while running. Since then, I’ve made sure to suck in my gut while running and I’ve been okay. But since I did a twenty minute run on Friday, I’m guessing that’s what this is from. Shit! I mean for real! Can I seriously not train without hurting myself??

I guess I’ll go back to not running and trying to strengthen my core for the next few weeks. That sucks. I’m not a fan of that plan. But my back really hurts and I don’t want to make it worse like I did last year. So frustrating.

How do you train when you’re injured? Any good tips for recovery?

I did find a nice YouTube video of some good stretches. I’ve done them once today and I’ll probably do them again before I go to bed.



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