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So this is the first time I’ve tried this, but I’m going to post my “analysis” (ie., feelings, rage, joy, insanity) of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, “Remember the Time.” So sit back, relax, and enjoy. Or don’t read it if you don’t watch Grey’s. I understand. Truly I do. But whatever. It’s cool.

8:59 Countdown clock? What?

9:00 I don’t understand a lot of Meredith’s opening monologues. Truly.

9:01 WTF? Bailey? Oh, okay, she had Zola. Wait – is this going to be a crazy ass backwards episode??

9:02 Shit. Is Cristina going crazy again?

9:03 True life, I hate these twisty turny episodes where everything goes back and forth.

9:04 A peg leg Karev? A PEG LEG?!

9:06 Okay, commercial break. First impressions; this episode is not going to be what I wanted. I can already tell. Why do we have to jump back and forth Shonda? Why can’t we have coherent plot points? I understand a show needs – WAIT A SECOND – Justin Guarini was just in an Old Navy commercial. Shut. The. Front. Door.

9:09 Okay we’re back to the plane crash where everyone’s lives changed and we lost Lexi. But we’re still jumping…

9:11 I think this new doctor played a crazy homeless woman on Hawthorne.
*Fact check: She wasn’t the homeless lady, but she was in an episode of Hawthorne. Turns out I was thinking of her character on True Blood.*

9:13 MARK WAS ALIVE?!?!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED???!!! How did he end up INTUBATED and DEAD!

9:14 Is this what surgeons do? Just sit around and talk about how they’re going to operate on each other? Oh shoot – hope Callie doesn’t screw up Derek’s nerve graft because Arizona is in trouble. I knew that Arizona was going to lose that leg – her bone was outside her skin for however long it took them to get rescued in the woods. No way that shit wasn’t getting infected.

9:17 Oh Taken 2 (: The Takening [Kudos, Dan Carlson]) trailer! Yippee! Did everyone else see this clip of poor Liam Neeson on Sportscenter? I can’t believe his publicist put him on there without asking what they were going to talk about. Dude is from IRELAND. Why would he care about the Jets?! I don’t even care about the Jets!

9:19 Joel says that’s not a real helicopter spotlight.

9:20 OMG seriously what is happening with Yang? Oh, hey Glamour Shots by Deb/Mac from Veronica Mars. I guess you’re doing well.

9:21 I’m really not a huge fan of Owen. I’ve never liked him. Even his first episode when he showed up and stapled his own leg together.
*Fact check: That may have been his second episode.*

9:23 Sandra Oh is so amazing. “Mark just kept dying, it was so annoying.” OMG – animals fighting over Lexi’s dead body? Gruesome.

9:26 I didn’t picture Yang driving a Camry. Flee! Flee Seattle Grace Mercy Death!


9:32 There are some really great parts about this show, one of them being Derek and Mark’s friendship. Which is now GONE. Because he’s DEAD.

9:34 Mark’s bed rails are incorrectly placed. It’s a patient safety issue. Trust me on this one.

9:36 OMG April. Shut up. Go to Molene and don’t come back. Oh. Just kidding. Hunt comes and gets you. Jerk.

9:39 “If I could ask Ray Lewis anything I would ask why he ‘allegedly’ stabbed that guy.” –Joel

9:40 Is this Revenge show any good? I’m kind of intrigued.

9:42 Oh – now we see Arizona’s shizz.

9:45 Shoot, she’s laying it out there on Karev. I don’t know if I can deal with her being so bitter. I really liked her before all of this catastrophe and attitude.

9:48 Sara Ramirez is great on here but I wish she did more Broadway. She has an incredible and breathtaking voice.

9:49 Sidenote – I am very excited about Nashville, btw.

9:51 Totes septic shock. Totes.

9:52 I’m so sappy – I love this Google commercial. It’s so precious.

9:54 Does Alicia Keyes really perform in those heels? They seem inappropriate for standing at a piano for hours on end.

9:56 Alright – almost over. And let’s just say that I still don’t know what happened after the crash. Besides everyone dying. Ugh.

9:57 “The Surge”? Is this a real thing in terminal patients? Should I ask someone at school?

9:58 Mark is pitiful. I hate that he’s gone.

9:59 Welp, there goes Arizona’s leg. Aaaaand Kepner left without talking to Jackson.

10:00 Cristina has to come back. She doesn’t belong in Feeney’s crazy hospital.

Alright! Well – that’s over. I’m glad I got to share this time with you all. Did you love it? Did you hate it? Do you watch Grey’s? Let me know!



2 thoughts on “Live Grey’s Post!

  1. Michael Kraft says:

    I don’t even watch this show and I was entertained. I started watching Revenge with my step-mom when I lived at home, and I’m not even embarrassed to say it is outstanding… like a soap opera, but good

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