Help, I’m Alive


Oh my goodness I never thought this day would come!! I’M DONE WITH NURSING SCHOOL!! I GRADUATED!! AND I HAVE A JOB!! Pretty awesome how it all wrapped up so nicely. So lucky and thankful that I have a wonderful family who supported me and helped me through these past 16 months of hell.

So let me go ahead and answer a few questions for you right off the bat:

1. Yes, graduation and pinning were a huge success and there will be pictures.

2. No, I have not worked out a single day since my incident.

3. Yes, I am scared that I will pass out again if I do.

4. No, I did not get a job in a pediatric unit, but I have not given up hope.

5. Yes, I’m broke.

I don’t start work until the end of January, so I have a lot of spare time on my hands. I guess I can use this time to figure out how I’m going to finally lose this weight and incorporate fitness into my life for good. I’m just worried I’ll end up at the cardiologist because I’m going to have symptoms again.

Does anyone use an iPad to update? I just got one for Christmas and it has been seriously trying to type this post. Way more difficult than it needs to be. Looks like this wont be my go to method for updates.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll attempt to get healthy and tell you about it. And if anything else happens, I’ll try to tell you about that too.



4 thoughts on “Help, I’m Alive

  1. SlimShanaynay says:

    Congratulations! SO Jealous! I was halfway through my credits towards my nursing degree and I stopped going. Hadnt started the nursing courses yet, but completed all the core requirements on a part time basis. I have to get on a repayment schedule for my loans before they will let me reapply for a new year of loans. =( So awesome that you have a job already and are graduated. You should be wicked proud!

    • amandakash says:

      I’m so proud! And excited! And relieved!! Let me know when you go back and I’ll offer any sage advice that I can. Like, Safety! Airway! Haha, those are always the answers.

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