Nagging Calves and Cold Weather

Could I BE wearing any more colors? Haha, I also had on hot pink shoes with lime green socks.

Could I BE wearing any more colors? Haha, I also had on hot pink shoes with lime green socks.

BRRRRRR!! It was BRISK this morning! Haha, I dressed for the temperature that was on my clock (it has a probe outside) but I think it was in the sun or something because it was much colder in real life than on the screen. Yeesh. But I got my 2 miles in, and I was a little quicker today. I think if anything the cold increases my speed because I just want to go inside!! Took a slightly different route to incorporate more hills and felt really good.



However! The calf soreness is back!! Hahaha, I thought I was free but I was sadly mistaken. I foam rolled last night before bed and that helped. I will be doing more of that today. No problems during the run other than some nagging soreness in my heel again, but I think that’s related to tight calves. We’ll see how that goes over the next few days and address it then.

Had breakfast with my mom yesterday with the best granola on the planet. It’s from Cafe Patachou in Indianapolis (and you can buy it here!) and it’s delicious. Literally, the best granola ever created. Their coffee is pretty baller also.

YUMMMM!! Added Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

YUMMMM!! Added Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt.

I exchanged a Christmas present and got a new pair of earbuds that I used today. They’re called Yurbuds (something weird is going on with their website but here is the google search for them) and they have a different structure that twists into your ear. Sounds crazy, right? They’re pretty sweet. I had some difficulty getting them into my ears with my gloves on, and then because I couldn’t get them in right they came out when I put my headband on, but once I got my act together they stayed in and were super comfortable.

I normally wear skullcandy earbuds with the smallest ear pad. After a while, even with the smallest pad, my ear starts to ache. I didn’t have any comfort problems with the Yurbuds, but the bass could be a little stronger as far as sound quality. My favorite part is the mic that’s included. It allows you to pause your workout/song, resume, skip songs, restart songs, and accept and hang up phone calls – all in one button. There’s also a thing on the back that says if they don’t fit into your ear, just send them a picture of your ear and they’ll make you special ones!! I thought that was pretty cool.



I am very excited to do this Run the Bluegrass race. Even though I’ve only completed two days of training, I’m very optimistic that I’ll be able to complete my training and the race with a combination of hard work, planning, and foam rolling.

Have you finalized any races for the year yet? How is your training going? Did Santa bring you any cool gadgets for your training?

Have you ever left onions on your shelf for too long and didn’t realize it? Well sometimes they grow additional onions. Yup. This is my life.



4 thoughts on “Nagging Calves and Cold Weather

  1. runnerbydefault says:

    You are hard core!! Running in this cold stuff! BBRRRRR! Those buds sound cool. I bought cheapies at walmart that go over my head like old school because the other ones always fall out. I will have to give these a try!

    • amandakash says:

      I just can’t stomach the treadmill, otherwise I would do it inside. I keep going back and trying different things: reading, watching TV, watching movies, etc., but I always go slower and I feel like it takes FOREVER.

  2. Colin DeWaay says:

    Props to you, I can’t handle running in this cold! I hate the treadmill big time, but the only thing I hate more than the treadmill is freezing cold weather!

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