Almost Zen Like

WHEW! How did I work out while working full time before?? Yikes. Working 8 hours a day is one thing, but two, 12-hour shifts back to back made it difficult to move away from the couch for anything other than a shower. Anyone else work 12 hour (or more) days? How do you fit in your workouts? Or do you just work out on days that you’re not making money? Not to mention if you work a different shift than days – man that would be tough. One of the nurses mentioned that they used to run 40+ miles a week so I’ll be asking her how she fit that in with shift work.


And boy does it take a hot second to build your shift legs back up!! My legs were SORE and TIRED when I got home after my first shift. A little better after my second. Now that I have my choice of footwear I’ll be investing in some good kicks – anyone recommend shoes for people on their feet for over half a day? Oh – and they won’t be ruined if bodily fluids get on them?

Lots of questions today! Haha – I did manage to get out for a run. And I did something new – I ran without music! WHOA. I know. I just turned on my nike+ app and stuck it in my pocket. It sang out when I hit my milestones and it worked out pretty well. I was intimidated at first because the sound of my heaving breaths was not something that I wanted to accompany me on my entire journey. Plus I have such a hard time being motivated even with the best music that I figured I would need it just to pick up my feet. But I didn’t! And it was almost relaxing. Kind of zen like. Hearing your feet hit the pavement as the breath wooshes in and out of your nose and mouth. Plus all of the wildlife chilling around you makes for a nice soundtrack.

I think the thing that made it most relaxing for me was being aware of my surroundings. I was reading my coaching newsletter from last week that mentioned only running with one earbud in if you listen to music to make sure we’re aware of our environment, but to me that’s too difficult. I figured I would just go balls to the wall and skip them entirely. I was more at peace because I wasn’t worried about someone behind me, or squirrels shaking up the shrubbery and not knowing what it was. Not to say that this run was paradise, but I definitely felt more at ease. I’ll probably keep doing this – if only because many races discourage headphones anyway, and I wouldn’t want to do all of my training and be unprepared come race day.

I don’t have any new races lined up to replace Run the Bluegrass. I’m planning on doing the Iron Horse Half in October, but that is a long way away and I’m hoping something falls into my lap before then. Some people are pushing The Pig or The Derby Half, but I just don’t think I’ll be ready or even available. Especially having to change up my schedule every couple of weeks depending on my orientation. But I’ll keep with it, if only because I had such reassuring comments from you all and the LexRunLadies that gently forced me to look on the bright side of things.

So – boards on Saturday, more studying until then, pork wellington tomorrow. What’s up with you guys this week?


Oh! P.S. They put my review of Jasper Fforde’s Lost in a Good Book on Pajiba – yay me!



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